Me Against the Mall 2-20

So yesterday, after running 5 miles at the gym, I then proceeded to spend 5 hours shopping. Now my legs refuse to do what my brain tells them to do. Oh don't mind me; I'm just crab-walking around like a foo.

On the bright side, I did some INTENSE shopping yesterday, which pretty much punched my credit card in the face, but whatever. It's handled worse abuse before.

And now, I present to you... the fruits of my labor:

  • Silk button-down, J. Crew ($80 $50, 38% off)
  • Floral shorts, J. Crew ($50 $30, 40% off)
    • I know this is considered splurging by my standards, but I had been sitting on an $80 J.Crew gift card for years now, and it needed to stop taking up space in my wallet.
  • Peter Pan collar top, Zara ($30 $10, 67% off)
  • Corduroy skirt, Zara ($40 $10, 75% off)
  • Winter parka, American Eagle ($120... $7, 94% off)
    • Funny story... two people working together at a register mis-charged me for this. Really?? You think this big jacket is only going to be $7? Whatever, I'm not complaining.
  • Dark wash skinny jeans, American Eagle ($40 $15, 63% off)
  • Oryany leather satchel, Nordstrom ($330 $98, 70% off)
    • This is the first I've heard of Oryany, but after checking them out online, I would definitely recommend this brand. They have GREAT quality leather.
    • Some of their other styles are a little questionable and don't really suit my tastes, but I'm absolutely in love with the one I got. It looks similar to the Mulberry Alexa Bag, which is the bag of my dreams and also $1250, so I will continue to just dream about it.
    • Mulberry: 
  • "Cadet" lace-up booties, MIA ($70 $20, 71% off)
  • Samsung Gravity Touch, T-Mobile (FREE... that's how I like it)
    • I thought I'd be more excited about a touch screen AND full qwerty keyboard, but the touch screen is pretty overrated. Only my brother can navigate it without problems, and that's because he has mad sweaty hands all the time. Ew.
    • Also, the qwerty keyboard is a little off kilter in comparison to my old phone, so now all the n's in my text messages are m's... "Mo, I'm mot busy right mow."
Total damage: $240
Money saved: $520... F*CK YEAH.
Alan said...

Zara <3!

Though I don't really approve of high-waisted skirts. And the stretch-down of that shirt does nothing for your curves...

And nice job with the mulberry bag picture!

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