Be Mime

I apologize for the recent lack of pictures. I was unfortunately hit with a slew of ridiculous ailments... first the flu, then pink eye, and now I've lost my voice. Even though my cracking, pubescent teenage boy voice is insanely entertaining for everyone else, it is unbelievably frustrating for me to express myself or be a contributing member of society. Thus, is the inspiration for the title of my new look.

  • Striped boat neck shirt, Zara
  • Acid wash jeans, Forever21
  • Vintage backpack, thrifted
  • Floral Mary Janes, Forever21
Imsu said...

I've been literally lusting after those floral mary janes!!
Never found it in my size though.
And your sunnies are so classy.
Love the look.

petrisa said...

Hope you get well soon!
Lol I've been through the whole kids section thing before, totally understand how you feel. I guess thats why they stopped buying me things cause I kept complaining about them haha.
I'm impressed too, they will be receiving much love an help with chores for the coming months :) lol

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