I was shocked to find my face staring back at me from the top of the page under Most Popular Looks on Chicisimo. As if that wasn't awesome enough, I showed up twice as #1 and #3 for Top Looks of the Day. I wasn't expecting to be remotely popular on the site, so this is such a pleasant surprise!

I find that I've been extremely happy lately. There's a lot of love and support in my life right now, so a big thank you to my friends (who I know are reading this because they're awesome.)

And thank you thank you THANK YOU to all my readers who are leaving such nice comments! I really appreciate all the encouragement, and I'm definitely trying to get back to you all and follow you as well :)

Erin and Caroline said...

OH wow! Congratulations! You definitely deserve it. You've got great style. =)

-Erin (

Trisha Tina said...

wow, congrats!

Sara said...

Congratulations Cindy! You run a great blog!

Imsu said...

Oh congrats! This is great!

Style and Outfit said...

Congrats! love style in the 1th pics!
I follow you.

Jenipho said...

I love your style!

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