Color My Life With the Chaos of Trouble

Ah, spring... so elusive in the frozen tundras of New England. I know it's 24 F (-4 C) outside, but I'm determined to embrace some of the new spring trends asap. So today, I decided to just load on as many bright colors as I could. This one's my favorite of all the new trends... life should be beautiful and colorful and fun :)

  • Yellow cardigan, J. Crew
  • Purple skinnys, Delia's
  • Turquoise suede wedges, Nine West
In other news, I was accepted to be a Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger. Happy dance!
Oh, and did you notice my new fancy schmancy signature?

Sara said...

This is a great look on you - you exude happiness and spring!

L. said...

You're so pretty!

Stylepint said...

What an amazing color combination and it really brightens up your whole's very cheery indeed! =)

Imsu said...

Love the colours! and those wedges are gorgeous.

From Suns To Moons said...

This is beyond gorgeous.

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