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Oh the weather outside is frightful... again. That one week of nice weather tricked us all. Campus definitely came alive with warm weather. There were people chatting on the grass, playing Frisbee, and tight-rope walking (?)... looked like the epitome of college straight out of the brochure! Sadly, when it's cold, everyone goes back to living under their respective rocks.

Basically, I'm back to taking indoor pictures. Peace out staircase where I take all my outdoor shots. You guys were probably getting sick of seeing that location anyways.







{Cable knit sweater - Forever21; Pink shorts - American Eagle; Leopard belt - ASOS; Clutch - Street Level; Floral Mary Janes - Forever21}

My outfit was inspired by this picture that I saw on Fashion Toast of Isabel Marant shorts (left). I had been meaning to buy pink shorts for Spring, and there was a perfectly affordable pair from Forever21 (right), but after rummaging in my old high school clothes, I found an old pair that sufficed. Money saving WIN.

Nnenna said...

I love your sweater! Great job recreating the inspiration look :)

star-crossed smile

Siena in Style said...

The sweater is great!!kiss from prague

Vicky said...

Nice look!You look super sweet!

Unknown said...

You are so adorable in this outfit. The shoes are gorgeous.

Miss Bias

the-caramel-lady said...

Thank you for the lovely comment :D
Whouaa! I love your outfit !!!
Your shoes, LOVE ! :)
And your shorts, super too :)
Great blog,
Following ;) ! xxxx

Sisters and Sisters said...

You style and blog are amazing!
Do you like to follow eachother? Let us know so we all can happily follow eachother:)!

H&C from Amsterdam

augustalolita said...

cute outfit!! love the pink shorts and sweater <3

Erica said...

amazing clutch, sweater and shoes! you have a way of putting together the most amazing outfits!

- Erica

Sisters and Sisters said...

Thanks we are following you right now, don´t forget to follow us back:)!

H&C from Amsterdam

GretchTM said...

Ah, I love your pink shorts! It's adorable especially with that sweater. We have matching leopard belts. Haha! I wore mine in my most recent post. :)

I get you with the weather thing. It was warm not too long ago and everyone was out. Now that it's back to cold weather, the campus seems empty.

who am i said...

Adorable look!!! The pinks shorts look fabulous with your floral pumps! great match!!
following you now :D

Erin and Caroline said...

Suuuch a cute look! So girly, I love it. :) Oh yeah, and those heels? PERFECTION. :)

- Caroline (

Arizka said...

loove this! perfect for a breezy summer day!

Label me Addict said...

LOVE the sweater your wearing... you have a very sweet blog!!! would like to follow you and you might wanna visit mine:) we could follow each other?

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