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I was thinking of including the prices of my clothing at the end. I am a self-proclaimed "recessionista", after all. Perhaps I should make it a bigger focus to help you guys find great deals.
What do you think? Do you care to know the prices, or does including them just muck things up?

{Nome de Plume stripe blouse - Urban Outfitters ($15); BDG schoolboy blazer - UO ($20); Pink skirt - Forever21 ($12); Felicita peep-toe booties - Nine West ($17)}
Siena in Style said...

I love it, you are so cute!

Lisa-Bisa said...

isn't great when a willing soul can do a photoshoot of many of your outfits?!!! excellent! I can definitely relate. for some random reason it started snowing today (of all things!) so I'll have to wait for tmrr:)


Lisa-Bisa said...

oh and I like your outfit and layout of your blog.very cute!

ninasayshello said...

your skirt is so pretty!

Erin and Caroline said...

You are so cute! I love that you paired the b&w top with a bright colored skirt. And I'm also in love with the blazer. :) oh and my instagram username is "cmanimtim", I'm going to go add you! :)

- Caroline (keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com

Erin and Caroline said...

Also, I like the idea of including prices. :)

- Caroline

Jacquelyn said...

Cute! Very school-girl ish :) I do like the idea of including prices! I used to do that on my blog but then I stopped because I couldn't remember all the prices of my clothes, but I'm quite the sale finder! I hardly splurge and I usually spend less than $40 on everything. It's the life of a student haha


GretchTM said...

You look adorable!! i love the color combination you used! Please do include prices. :)

Sara said...

im in love with this outfit! very chic :)


Anonymous said...

nice outfit :)


Gillian Uang said...

adorable as always!


Shevah said...

My favorite part of this look is the top! So cute!

Anonymous said...

this is so cute outfit :)! love love

Collections said...

That red skirt is amazing! Love the color.

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chicqua said...

First of al, ur supercute dear..tat skirt is so cute..i also adore the pic u postd in chictopia..tat vintage maxi is so grt!cute blog:-)
much love,

Jules said...

awwww you're soooo adorable!! Just found your blog and its soo cute!

Love the stripes with the pink!


lovely aiva said...

you look so cute! the outfit looks amazing on you!


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