Orange Crush

Remember the orange cropped shirt I ordered here? Well ta-da!



{Crop blouse, black harem pants, silver oxfords - Forever21}

Uhhh... I really need to stop shopping so much at Forever21. All too often, I find myself wearing entirely F21, and that's so sad. Sigh, thus is the life of a broke college student.

By the way... I am practically dying to have these shoes from Nine West.
$130... Boo. Tempted to just splurge on them. So temped.
Nicole said...

There's nothing wrong with shoppingat F21.. We all do it!

Love this blouse!

Nicole F

Unknown said...

i love your silver oxfords! and it's really awesome you got to buy those clothes and donate to japan at the same time :)


ice pandora said...

And I want a F21 in Holland D:
Love the blouse girl ^^


loretta said...

You look so great! I love your new orange cropped shirt. Awesome color.
You are lucky! I can't by anything from Forever 21 because they don't ship to my country!!! :(
Beautiful shoes! I have similar...


Sara said...

it's so gorgeous, i love orange!

Siena in Style said...

I love your shirt!!

diana said...

duude get those lace oxfords! ;p I totally want them now...I have an opaque version from Asos, but I love how the Nine West ones have a semi-sheer effect~~ Cute outfit!! the silver brogues add a layer of interesting & fun :DDD xo Diana

claarax. said...

great shirt! cool!

james said...

hey sweetheart! the top came from forever 21 ;) get it! i love it soo much, ive worn it twice already lol :) and geez girl, you look so cool here! i love this look and i wish i was innovative or brave enough to come up with an outfit like this :P


Anonymous said...

LOVE the outfit.& im really liking the orange cropped shirt!

Jardin de la Mode said...

I wish there was a F21 over here -BOOHOO!
I love it babe, you look amazing!

Jacquelyn said...

Love those lace oxfords!! I shop at Forever 21 way too much too ahha. Love that top on you!


char said...

i find myself shopping at forever 21 a lot.. i just bought something there today actually. i love your cropped top!

Erin and Caroline said...

Ah, I could never pull of this outfit! But you do and you do it so well. :D

- Caroline (

Mana said...

Those shoes are adorable!!! I know what you mean by temptation! I usually give in if they're a pair of shoes because I always think "they're shoes = they will last me a long time =D" but of course in the end they still cost money and I will probably keep buying shoes regardless LOL

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