Red Maxi

You know those trends you've been eying for a while, but think they're a bit impractical for real life?
Go ahead and embrace them. Life's short anyways.

I saw a girl on campus wearing a big floppy hat, and she looked ridiculous. The hat was like hitting everyone in the face and getting all askew on her head while she was trying to weave her way through the throngs of students during rush hour. IMPRACTICAL.

Wearing a maxi dress to class? It gets snagged and trapped in the folding lecture chairs. Plus if it's too long, you could trip. IMPRACTICAL.

It's a good thing school's over because I probably wouldn't wear these items to class. However, they're perfect for a weekend out in the sun or going to the beach. Summer, it's about time you got here.



DSC_0852 (2)
{Red maxi dress - Forever21 ($10); Denim vest - thrifted ($3); Floppy hat - Payless ($17); Fringe bag - eBay ($10); Gold bangles - H&M ($4); Wedges - F21 ($24)}

Shevah said...


Stephani Janet said...

love the dress! and you rock it!
I'm searching for maxi simple maxi dress and skirt too! but's it's very hard to find here.
I agree with you, Impractical for some moment

rohinie said...

wow absolutely love it!!!

james said...

haha, youre cute! i see exactly what you mean babe. and can i just say, you look perfect!!! <3 love this!

Imsu said...

You look gorgeous. Love the hat and the maxi!

Jess said...

Love love love this outfit! I really like where the denim vest hits the dress, I think the whole outfit make you look taller :)

Tuesday in Amsterdam said...

I have the same forever 21 dress! But I haven't worn it as yet.

You look great in yours! And i really like how you combined it and made it personal with the denim vest. Very nice

Jardin de la Mode said...

Wow you look so pretty dear! I love each and every part of this outfit ;-)
Well done

Elizabeth Hope said...

I want your Maxi sooo bad!!! So cute! I can totally see how it gets annoying to wear to class :/ but fashion is sometimes painful haha!


Nikki said...

Impractical at school yes, but it's still an amazing dress.

noone said...

love the maxi dress, and haha yeah those oversized hats are a bit rediculous but they look good in pictures, but they are annoying to wear in real life!! lol to school I usually just wear pants and jeans :D

Whitney said...

i know exactly what you mean by impractical! but anyway, loving the maxi dress, and how you styled it with the denim vest, fringe bag, and cute floppy hat :)


Frank Vinyl said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your skirt and i really like how you are wearing it. SO cute
thanks for your comments :)

Unknown said...

will definately be buying a red maxi dress now. :) Lovely Blog Love The Annies xoxo

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