Denim & Lace

DSC_0891 (2)

DSC_0896 (2)
{Corset - Forever21; High-waisted shorts - American Apparel; Booties - Nine West}

Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. I started my summer internship this week and have been super swamped. Not to mention, I go to bed at 11 pm now and wake up around 6, and I usually get my blogging done late at night.

I promise I will respond to comments this weekend. I miss having time to read all your blogs, and thanks for the continued support!
Lisa-Bisa said...

luv the lace! hurray for the internship:D

Tamara Suprobo Putri said...

you look adorable!!


Krissy ~ style san san said...

love your top!
Krissy xoxo

Shevah said...

I love those shorts. :) You look adorable as usual! I would most definitely wear this outfit anytime.

Miri said...

That's a gorgeous summer look!

Miri's Castle

Henar said...

Aww, this is lovely,
I love it!

Henar ♥

Becky said...

Love the high waisted shorts - lovely outfit :)

GretchTM said...

Congrats on the internship! I had one last summer and it was definitely a busy time for me. You look great in these pictures. I love your shorts!

Chelsea Jade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chelsea Jade said...

Such a beautiful outfit! Just came across your blog and its great :) So I'm now following and looking forward to your next post

the desert foxx said...

good luck on the internship! such a beautiful outfit!

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