Forever21 Spree

It's pretty clear to anyone who reads my blog that a good 75% of my clothes are from Forever21. I don't know what it is, but there is just something about being able to afford everything that makes me want to buy it all.

Not sure if I should be ashamed to admit this, but when it comes to clothes, I'm more quantity, not quality. I lose interest in items more quickly than I would like. My favorite shirt one week will just get pushed to the back of my closet another week. I'm self-diagnosing this condition Fashion ADD.

Here are my most recent purchases:
Sweetheart Floral Bandeau ($6.90)

Faded Denim Shirt ($14.80)
Calf Length A-Line Skirt ($19.80)
Button Tab Boyfriend Tee ($7.80)
Baby Cord Cutoff Shorts ($15.80)
Oh God, I wish there was a cure. My credit card can't handle this abuse anymore.

What store do you guys shop at the most?
Trisha Tina said...

Love the A line skirt! Hope to see a few looks with it!

Sara said...

i adore everything you got! especially that skirt!

a said...

hmm. probably h&m! i hate shopping in store at f21 because it's usually a mad house. unorganized and messy. however this is based on one location that i go to. it's in middle of downtown city so i guess it's understanable

Anonymous said...

The skirt looks so pretty!
I guess, ASOS is a really nice e-store with a huge variety to shop!
&& Zara is just a classic place<3

Julie said...

I love all the things you bought! Simply amazing haha :) and you're so lucky to be able to buy online. I haven't had a chance to start a Paypal so I just shop in nice boutiques in Sydney.

Nieke said...

Love all your purchases. The A-Line Skirt is beautiful. There is no Forever21 in my country! :( So that sucks pretty bad, all though it's a good excuse for a few days shopping in London. My favorite store would be the Zara. All though the H&M is still a secret love as well. Online shopping is actually quite amazing too haha.


Erin and Caroline said...

Ah! I'm the same way girl. I'm loving the pleated skirt and that sweetheart floral bandeau...I think I might have to go on over there and get myself a pair.


TheUnique28 said...

Hay, dont be ashamed lol buy whatever as long as it looks good to you

Katie said...

I am always shopping at forever 21 because my mom loves it there because it's so affordable. I also love H&M but they don't have one in Colorado, where I live, so I barely ever get to shop there.

Petitebine said...

cool items!
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xoxo Robine @

Heidi-and-Seek said...

Oo i contemplated that boyfriend tee as well, but then decided I probably had a few like it already :P I'm totally with you girl, almost everything I wear these days is from F21, it's a problem.

Analisa said...

Hahaha I'm guilty of Forever 21 hauls and quantity over quality as well. Sometimes I don't bother buy anything at Urban Outfitters, Zara, etc. because I know for a fact that Forever 21 probably has the same thing for a lot cheaper. I LOVE your recent purchases!

Kayy said...

Im a forever 21 junkie for sure! theyre stuff is always amazing!

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