Rainy Sunday

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{Military button-down - H&M; Striped bodycon skirt - Forever21; Fedora - F21; Wedges - Fossil}

Out of the three pairs of shoes that I ordered, I decided to keep the Fossil ones. I couldn't possibly love them any more. The leather is such great quality, and the color goes with everything. I usually don't buy heels without a substantial platform in the front, but these are a cinch to walk in.

It's been nothing but rain and gloom this weekend, so I took pictures indoors. Amazingly, these photos were taken by my 11-year old brother. Kid's got mad skills with a camera.

My boyfriend and two of his housemates' laptops were stolen this weekend from their house. PSA: PEOPLE, please don't steal laptops. Seriously, it's not cool.
If my laptop was ever stolen, the thieves would just be like, "Damn, this girl takes so many pictures of herself. Narcissist much?"
ninasayshello said...

you are such a cutie!! :)
great outfit btw

a said...

the thieves would probably think the same if they were to take my laptop. like, dang, this girl is a complete narcissist LOL.

your 11 year old brother takes photos better than my bf, haha!

j3nhow said...

wow love this outfit!!! gorgeous skirt!!! and u have such a great blog! love ur style girl... keep it up!

xoxo jenna

Shevah said...

You look adorable! :) I love the nude wedges!
I added A LOT more items to my shop by the way dear. ;)

Whitney said...

"damn, this girl takes so many pictures of herself." HAHA

love the shoes :)


federica R. said...

love your stripes skirt & hat!:)


Sara said...

Great shoes! Also, how did you get your brother to take pictures for you? My little brother would never do that!

Elegantesque said...

Love love your shoes !!


arttu said...

love the outfit! and your little brother takes great photos, i wish my little bro could do that too haha! :) xx

Kat said...

i absolutely love this look!!! your shoes are soo cute :)

Lisa-Bisa said...

haha I've thought that myself! If something ever happens I feel as if my life is so well documented that people would think I was narcissistic! Great choice in shoes and I hope your bf and his roomies get their laptops back.


The Cat Hag said...

Lovely outfit, love how awesome your house looks as well. :)

The Cat Hag

Tuesday in Amsterdam said...

L.O.V.E the striped skirt and Fedora hat! Nice!!

cryskay said...

cute outfit! love everything about it. xx

Stephani Janet said...

love your skirt and shoes!

Jessica said...

loveee the outfit soo much you look gorgeous.
yessss i love the shoesssssss too :D

The Fashion Writress said...

You look super cute! Stripes have my heart so much <3 I follow u girly! xx

noone said...

I LOVE those shoes, and what a cute outfit, the hat goes really well!

TheUnique28 said...

I apsolutely love your blog! And this outfit! Would you mind featuring my blog, it would be really cool

Blanka Biernat said...



GretchTM said...

Aww, you look lovely in these pictures. I adore your shoes. Your brother took some nice shots of you! Sorry to hear about those laptops being stolen. Some people are just crazy..

Tiffany Wu said...

great outfit and I love ur stripe bodycon skirt :)
maybe mind to follow each other? thanks before

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