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{Sheer shirt - Forever21; Denim shorts - American Eagle; Belt - H&M; Bracelets - H&M; Boots - Tommy Hilfiger}

Same sheer white shirt as the last post. This time, I dressed it down to be more casual. See? Told you this shirt was versatile!

Finally just sent out all my applications for 4 more years of getting the money sucked out of me for school. Yay! Hopefully, I actually get in somewhere.

I literally sat in front of my computer on a beautiful, summer Saturday for 7 hours straight hammering away at my personal statement. Longest brain fart I've ever had in my entire life.

And to top it all off, after I confirmed 50 times that I understood I wasn't allowed to make any changes after sending it in, I realized that all my apostrophes got turned into question marks by the website...
"I?ve worked as a technician?s assistant" -- the whole thing makes me sound like I'm not sure what I did with my life.

Now that I'm done with that pot of fun, it's on to the next one. I have 3 weeks to learn everything there is to know about science... GO!
dom.the.mom said...

I have that same shirt! It really is versatile. I want to wear it with everything! I really, really like your boots. Where did you get them because those pair are exactly what I'm looking for. :]

Adriana Gastélum said...

nice outfit :D i need a shirt like this one :D

ahoymichelle said...

Hahaha, oh I remember those days. I wrote five different college essays so that I could swap them throughout the application process. Beats having to come up with a new one every time a question pops up. Love your top and your shoes!

Whitney said...

i need to find myself a versatile sheer white blouse now! and good luck with applications :)


annie said...

oh the hectic life of a student.
though you wouldn't know it judging from your outfit vibe! I'm pretty much seething with jealousy that it's summer over there and that you get to wear cutoffs and little sheer white shirts :( I have a wardrobe full of sheer white shirts and I agree, they are indeed very versatile.

Keep up the great work with the outfits. I like scrolling through them while wrapped up in blankets and sniffling with a cold, feeling sorry for myself ;) And GL with studying :)

Jacquelyn said...

Love your top and boots! Good luck with all your school plans!


Imsu said...

Oh you look great!
That shirt is indeed lovely!

And do you take your pictures through self timer? You got some really pretty shots here.

The PvdH Journal said...

Simply chic! I love slouchy shirts!

PvdH -designer and illustrator


Elizabeth said...

i love the shirt. i need a similar one

elizabeth x

Krissy ~ style san san said...

LOVE thst shirt! amazing.
And i love your shoes (:
Krissy xoxo


rohinie said...

question marks turning into apostrophies..this is hilarious...
cant stop laughing...they must be thinking that ur one confused human...lol

anyway all the best with ur science...
and i love your sheer shirt!!!

Nieke said...

Beautiful blouse, this outfit fits you very well.


ShinyPrettyThings said...

good luck with everything!!! i hate those apps, their system always messes up my format for the essays. ah!! i'm sure you'll get in somewhere great =D

i love that top, perfect for summer

petrisa said...

Bought the Forever 21 shoes when shipping was still reasonable. Now it's too expensive :(

Love tops like the one you are wearing!!
What are you applying to study for? Wish you all the best x

Mani said...

The whole outfit is well put together! You look sexy!
Lovin' the color combination, lovin' the fabrics everything is amazing!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Mani said...

The whole outfit is well put together! You look sexy!
Lovin' the color combination, lovin' the fabrics everything is amazing!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

theversastyle said...

you can't ever go wrong with button ups!
love the casual look!


Wadziie said...

love how your casual look is making an impact :D


james said...

totally missed you. and omg youre so darn cute!

Veren Lee said...

I love your sheer shirt. it's simply gorgeous :)

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