Eyelet Corset

Subtly smelling my armpit like in those deodorant commercials?




{Corset - Forever21; Bodycon skirt - F21; Peep-toe booties - Nine West}

Like I promised, had to showcase some of my new clothes that I got from Forever21 last week.
Slightly obsessed with corsets lately. This would be my fifth. Bodycon skirts? Probably my 1293805th. (Okay, but really more like my eighth...)

Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to respond to your comments lately. Promise I will get to each and every one of them soon (as in hopefully tomorrow). Love you guys, seriously, no homo.
Lauren said...

Really cute outfit! I saw this top online and I really really wanted it, however, I couldn't find it in store. I might order it, seeing how it looks so cute on you!

Depriving said...

Great look!


Krissy ~ style san san said...

love the corset, and i want your shoes!
i need more heels! hehe!
Krissy xoxo


Adriana Gastélum said...

lovely :D i'm looking for a skirt exactly like this, maybe I should visit forever21 <3

rohinie said...

haha, i like ur armpit caption...
and you look soo pretty...as always.
and love the color of your skirt<3
and your shoes:)

aki! said...

You make such a short skirt look wonderful. I'm always horrified about the length.


Jacquelyn said...

Love this outfit, it makes your curves stand out and you look so good! <3


Chelsea Jade said...

I love this outfit, so cute! And yoi have such a lovely figure! :)


Label me Addict said...

i so LOVIN your eylet corset top!!! and your outfit is super chic babe!!!

Sandra said...

I love how this looks is so simple but still fierce! :)


Nieke said...

So beautiful! In love with the blue color of your skirt.


ShinyPrettyThings said...

i love it!! who knew a corset could be so casual?? ahhh you have the greatest shoes!!

Stacey said...

I really like the corset look! It highlights your shoulders!

Shevah said...

You're adorbz. I love the corset!


Shevah said...

You're adorbz. I love the corset!


Run With Fashion said...

Oh my! I really love your heels! No one can really go wrong with Nine West! ♥

Unknown said...

Loving your outfit! Amazing shoes^^


Cylia said...

your hair is so pretty:) and the top is lovely.

Notes She Wrote said...

that eyelet corset is so cute! you look great! love the skirt and wedges too, perfect! :)

Notes She Wrote

Cathy En said...

I love the colour of the skirt ! nice lighting in the photos :)

puntosietemach said...

This is just great girl!

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