{Silence & Noise watercolor jacket - Urban Outfitters; Eyelet corset - Forever21; Denim shorts - American Eagle; Belt - H&M; Necklace - F21; Booties - Nine West}

I can't believe it's the last day of July. It's like this month never even happened!

Can't wait until August 16th when I'll be done with studying and work. All I'm gonna do all day is bask in my freedom... and reply to your comments of course!

Until then, it's back to another 8 hours of studying.
Why can't we just call science magic and be done with it??
dom.the.mom said...

Super cute and casual outfit. Your wedges look so good. I want them. (I'm a sucker for a good pair of wedges in black) :]

ahoymichelle said...

To answer your question: Yes! I did make my own layout. I actually have a history of web and graphic design despite choosing fashion design as my major. I love your corset! I could never pull it off without getting weird looks at me. For some reason, I could never find cute corsets at the F21s that I go to.

Kat said...

your wedges are absolutley adorable! love this outfit :)


YY said...

Oh what? I love your shoes and jacket. What a good outfit!

Stephani Janet said...

love the corset and jacket!
nice combination :)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

ahhh i love that jacket!!! it's so hot ^o^ i am obsessed w jackets that are open like that

Jacquelyn said...

looove that jacket! It's so unique! Good luck with your studying.


Jessica said...

simply super loving your outfit!! ;)
love the combination and love your shoesss~

Anonymous said...

very cute..i love the jacket!!

a said...

are you serious? 8 hours of studying? super studious you are!

Unknown said...

Great outfit! love your jacket and the top!!!!

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puntosietemach said...

So simple, so sexy. SuperFAN!

Fran DomĂ­nguez | Photographer

Nieke said...

The jacket and the color of it are beautiful. Love this outfit, amazing!


james said...

ugh. who are you telling babe. this summer was almost a bust. summer school took a beating out of me. but i shall redeem myself after finals this week. you look as cute as you always do cindy my love

<3 jamie

Becky said...

I absolutely adore the lace jacket! Cute outfit!

Wavy said...

i actually love this so much, this is like what i aspire to look like - perfect shorts

and your last comment on my blog was probably my best comment ever ahaha thankyou ! x x

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