Retail Therapy

I don't know what's gotten over me lately, but I am even more trigger happy when it comes to the "Place Order" button. I didn't know it was possible to online shop more than I already did.

Just chalk it up to retail therapy. Stress relief from all this studying? I think yes.
(This would make more sense if I were actually focused on studying, and not so distracted by online shopping...)

But anyways, I'm so excited that I have to show you guys what I got RIGHT NOW. I don't want to wait for them to ship here, and then slowly but surely dole them out one outfit at a time.

Motel Leopard Katy Dress, originally $55, on sale $17

You guys know I'm such a sucker for all things Motel
Vero Moda Chiffon One-Sleeve Dress, originally $38, on sale $15
Perfect for when I go to Vegas in January!
Suede Peep Toe Wedge, on sale $17
This one's actually a birthday gift for my best friend, but I'm so tempted to keep it.
Remember Cindy, selflessness. This gift almost makes me want to be best friends with myself...
Dusty Pink Blazer, $30
I'm a blazer girl through and through.
Blazer colors I now own: Black, Navy, Nude, Brown Tweed, and Light Pink.
Blazer colors I still want: Kelly Green and Brick Red
Boyfriend Varsity Jacket, $17
I've had my eye on a Letterman jacket for years now. Finally found an affordable one.

Floral Velvet Backpack, $35
Restricted Siren Over-The-Knee Boot, $40
I already have some awesome OTK boots. I don't know why I bought these! What's wrong with me? I can't say no to a good deal!
Last, but definitely not least, my pride and joy...
Cowboy Ankle Boots, $35
Absolutely in LOVE with these babies. Everything about them is perfect.

I think when I buy things online, I'm like "it's just a number, not real money!" It's so much harder to spend $35 on a bag when I'm in the store... seeing it in real life... handing over my bills... SO MUCH HARDER.

There needs to be some waiver that acknowledges you're using real money. Or a pop-up notification that says "If you know someone with an online shopping addiction, call this hotline" (like the signs they have in casinos for gambling addictions.)

Maybe the first step to recovery is to remove F21 New Arrivals as my homepage...
Wavy said...

AHAH ONLINE SHOPPING IS SO ADDICTIVE i learned that the hard way. i want to be your best friend to, send me the shoes instead? hahaha
cant believe $35 is the most youve spent on a bag :O i'm impressed you bargainista.

i also have a bookmark to the F21 new arrivals page on my bookmark bar. they need more F21s in the UK.

Whitney said...

isn't online shopping particularly tempting when you find amazing sales AND free shipping?! i have an online shopping addiction too :(

good luck on the OAT!


ice pandora said...

Don't worry you're not the only one!
I love onlineshopping to much.. and it's benefits like sales and promo codes haha
too tempting!
Anyway nice sale here :o


Imsu said...

Oooohh, I love the cowboy boots best!

Online shopping certainly is addictive! :P

Marcia B. said...

omg love that floral backpack and those booties, so cute!

annie said...

god i wish we had f21 here, or that the shipping costs wasn't completely nuts! Great buys cindy, I'm definitely feeling the secondhand excitement ;)

p.s i bought the motel dress in the tropical print! coincidence...


Adriana Gastélum said...

wow! amazing sale finds! my favorite is the pink blazer, i think it's very versatile!

Emma Amitis said...

love the cowboy boots! i agree it's so much easier to buy things online and not realize how much you're actually spending. my parents are threatening to change the password on my paypal account haha.


ISA said...

Love the bag!!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Beautiful backpack! x hivenn

tessa said...

the existence of online shopping makes my wallet so much sadder lol


petrisa said...

amazing buys! you are such a great bargain hunter!! need to share some tipps

SM said...

I love the black suede wedges. I was thinking about purchasing them, too, but I wasn't sure and now they are sold out. I guess I should be more impulsive xD
And the boots are great!

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