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{Sweater - American Eagle; Leather skirt - Forever21; Serpentine necklace - F21; Gray booties - F21}


This is by far the longest I've ever gone without posting. Sorry about that guys! Been busy with the usual, you know, school, friends, boyfriend, etc etc... Haven't had time to take any pictures lately, but I'll try to get on it.

Couldn't wait to show you guys what arrived in the mail today! These babies, how I love them so, and they've only been in my possession for the last 30 minutes. Yet already, they have been inducted into the League of Extraordinary Shoes. Quite an honor for a rookie.

This coming week, I'll be jetting all over the country for interviews. First New York City, then Philadelphia, Southern California, and Boston. Busy busy, wish me luck!
ahoymichelle said...

Woah! Good luck on your interviews, love! I absolutely love your skirt and your boots!

Chelsea Jade said...

This is perfect! I love the boots :)


By Sara Romero said...

Those shoes are so hot! What jobs are you applying for?...good luck :fingers crossed: for you :)


Whitney said...

yay! finally an update from you! :) im in love with the shoes! and good luck with your interviews!


Kait H. said...

those grey booties are amazing! and paired iwth that skirt is perfect! Love all your outfits!!


The Annachrist said...

Leather skirt? YES PLEASE. I think my last three outfit posts were all leather on bottom haha two skirts and one pant... I am obcessed ;)

Jacquelyn said...

Good luck with all your interviews girl!! All that traveling must be tiring but remember to enjoy yourself a bit! And those boots are HOT! I love them, I think I'm gonna go hunt for a similar pair now!


Julie said...

Good luck for your interviews! You're travelling an awful lot but hey, travelling is so fun! :)

Also your leather skirt is amazing <3

mimi said...

love LOVE the shoes. great outfit!!!
mademoiselle mimi

Arizka said...

haha are you kidding? You've got some pretty rad booties here! I spotted some cheetah printed ones the other day, but these look way better.

+ GL on your interviews! Can't believe you're traveling all over the place! Nonetheless, amazing!

Adriana Gastélum said...

this outfit is very you! i love the cute look overall with the hard texture of the leather :D

good luck with the interviews!

Analisa said...

Ah your boots are gorgeous! Good luck with the interviews!

Ellie Lee said...

That shirt and those booties! I was lusting after them; thinking that it must cost hundreds; before I saw that they were both from F21!!!! What a good find! They're both so chic! Love the cut of the skirt, that suede booties; and their colour in general! x

annie said...

I do this thing where I'll leave my newest/favourite pair of shoes out in plain view in my room so I can admire them...guess that's similar to your league of extraordinary shoes haha but I have to agree your boots are awesome!

Expecting to hear how all your jetsetting and interviews went when you come back :) WOuld wish you luck but like...you don't need it haha


Dewi ♥ said...

Lovely look!
I like the leather skirt and shoes a lot~
Good luck with the interviews ;D

theversastyle said...

love the skirt and the boots!!

good luck!!!


Vintage Mavens said...

Love the shoes - they make me want to get to the nearest F21 right now! Gorgeous look Cindy! I've missed your posts!

Sydney said...

omg id kill for your shoes!!!


Hilary Nussbaum said...

oh youve done it again!! i absolutely am in love with the heels and leather skirt! they are perfection. I just bought some black heels like these and i am pumped to whip them out with skirts, crops, dress, socks..etc etc.
awesome post keep it up girl!! :)


Jackie said...

LOVE your shoe collection!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!!! love this look!! the skirt is amazing!!! great! I think I will follow you if you want to follow me...;)!
Thank you and carry on like this!!!


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