Mesh Bodysuit

{Mesh bodysuit - Urban Outfitters, Vintage Levi's - Urban Renewal}

Hello lovely ladies! Long time no see. I know I'm becoming quite notorious for being "that blogger" who never posts anymore. Sorry! But I am definitely still keeping up with all your blogs, and I'm loving it all. Wish I had time to comment on everything.

I promise once finals are over, I will spend my entire winter break dreaming up outfits, finally stocking my closet sale with some amazing clothes, and posting pictures I take at my upcoming Birthday Bash and Vegas! Definitely be on the lookout.

The outfit pictured above was snapped quickly in the dressing room as you can see. I treated myself to this outfit for my birthday. A little scandalous, but you're only young once. I love that the bodysuit was an affordable (and slightly less risque) alternative to the American Apparel one.

Oh by the way! The American Apparel model in that picture goes to my school. How crazy is that?! She is just as pretty in person as in pictures.

Thanks for all your continued support even as I'm MIA. You guys are truly the best.
ice pandora said...

Good luck with your finals!
I'm glad you are posting :)
Love that bodysuit! What a
coincedence about that model :P


Unknown said...

I am loving the shorts!
Good luck in your finals :)



good luck in finals ;)

Wadziie said...

cute shorts :D

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

This post is really nice, I enjoied it so much! Wonderful photo!

Take a look and maybe follow?: Cosa mi metto???

Jacquelyn said...

Yay a new post, missed ya! That outfit isn't that scandalous.. for my bday last year my friend made me wear this super shiny sequinned short tube dress. haha Good luck with all your finals and hope you have an awesome birthdayy!


Becky said...

The body suit looks awesome on you! :)

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...

good luck for you ♥

theversastyle said...

good luck on finals! loving the old skol levi's!


annie said...

i see you've been busy babing it up ;) hahaha honestly, it's lovely to see you post. Good luck for finals!! (i'm currently on a 3 and a bit month holiday yeahhh)

P.S I wish i could do outfit posts but I have like, 3 outfits on rotation. and my awkward turtling in front of the camera is an issue hah!


CINDY NGO said...

ohh super cute! i actually like it better since it's less risque than the one at AA!

good luck on your finals, cindy! looking forward to see photos from your birthday & vegas! :)

ps. i'm hosting a whole month of giveaways. this week, you have the opportunity to win a beautiful tunnel ring from besobeso! i hope you'll come visit soon & join!

cindy - design3rd

james said...

looking good darling! good luck with finals.. my last one is next thrusay and i'll finally have some down time to myself :) this body suit is hot to trot and happy belated birthday babe
x jamie

Whitney said...

the body suit looks great on you. and yay! VEGAS! have lots of fun!


Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty said...

My sis bought the AA version, yours is just a pretty xoxo

Emily said...

Love your blog! I actually found you on lookbook!

Good luck on finals cutie, don't stress yourself too much!


Vintage Mavens said...

LOVE this bodysuit Cindy. And I love the quality of these photos too :) Good luck with finals! xo

Chelsea Jade said...

You look amazing, great shorts lovely :)

Dining on Style said...

omgosh! do you have an exact link to this body suit??? love it!!!

Cindy said...

@eneeen: I don't, sorry! I got it on sale at UO, and I think someone must have returned it because it had a hand-written tag. I haven't seen it at any other stores either. Thanks for loving it that much though. It makes me feel more confident rocking it now, haha.

Adriana Gastélum said...

it looks great!! i wanted it too but i don't know if I'll be able to pull it off like you, but, weren't you cold?!

Simone said...

amazing shorts and tee :) I'm gona follow you, your blog looks nice

Jess said...

oh my gosh, yes what a great find! i was looking at the american apparel one like aww i love it... but its a little too much. but this one is just right :)

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