Neon Highlighter

I got this geo-printed dress from Forever21 a year ago only because I thought the print was pretty cool. Then I realized that I barely ever wore the dress because of it's strange-ish shape. The top was too loose, and I didn't like the elastic in the middle. Plus, I rarely wear dresses.

So the other day, I decided on a whim to cut it in half to make a cropped shirt and a skirt. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out, and I'm much more likely to wear these two items now. Although, I'm tempted to go scissor-happy and start cutting everything in half. It's sort of like going tweezer-happy where suddenly, you realize you don't have eyebrows anymore, and you sit there thinking "what have I done?"

ice pandora said...

Yay for the bargain c:
You look great in neon!
This reminds me of the
new collections in H&M,
which are also in the
neon mood!


Sandra said...

The shoes look amazing!

james said...

what am i going to do about missing your blog and not being on blogger enough to chit chat with you? ugh. seriously, missed you around here <3

love, james

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...

yellow is my favorite color :D and you look so adorable with those yellow top and i love your shoes dear <3

Simone said...

great tee :)

/giveaway on my blog/

Hello Naka said...

those shoes are amazing! and i love the different ways you can way your top/dress :)


good combination for your outfit. the shoes are really stunning and what a price! low price with good quality ;)

Stephani Janet said...

great idea about the dress!
love the popping yellow colour in your outfits
you look great!

Cathy En said...

Yay neon yellow ! :) and loving those shoes you snagged from urban outfitters x

annie said...

i think i have to agree and say the dress looks SO much better as a skirt and top. talk about resourceful!

anyhow you should totally come over to AUS some time! i could show you around and in could teach me some of your serious bargain-hunting skills...

do it!!!


Romi said...

I love how loosely you styled that belt! Amazing touch!
I'm your new follower, hope we can follow each other! x
Also following Twitter & Bloglovin & Tumblr
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Rejina Tyson said...

I love what you've done with this dress! I had a similar dilemma with a dress I bought in a hurry. Once I turned it into a skirt I loved it so much more. I plan on turing the top into a shirt also. That's so cool that you did the same thing. ;)

Super score on those shoes too. Love them! Can't wait to see how you rock them. :)

Your blog and DIYs are pretty awesome. Want to follow each other? It's always nice to find other DIY fashion bloggers.

You Like It? I Made It!

Carla said...

gawd those shoes are stunning! i need them. swoon. also, your dress, i like it worn with that neon top. the print match perfectly! great post.

xo, Carla

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