{Stalactite top - Sugarlips; Bandage skirt - F21; Gold necklace - F21; Booties - Nine West; Ugly Purple Bracelet - Thanks, senior week administration}

Oh hey, remember me? I used to blog.

Sorry I've been so incredibly out of the loop lately. I have never had such a busy social life. (Well, I'm usually a pretty lame homebody.) But I don't even think I've been home for more than 2 hours this entire week. My Senior Week full of partying and debauchery is currently winding down, and I'm graduating tomorrow!

I've also come to the realization that I am not ready to be a real person yet. I'm just a college kid who naps twice a day and thinks microwavable pizza rolls are a legitimate meal... What do you want from me?! Having a little bit of an internal freak out session. S'all good.

Anyways, the lovely ladies at SugarLips sent me the Stalactite Find Top, and it's so beautiful. I love the design on the top of the shirt and how it flows in the back. It's really much prettier in person.

I styled it with my new gold plate necklace, which seems to be all the rage lately. These kinds of necklaces keep getting sold out quickly, but I finally found this one on Forever21 and ordered it faster than you can say VISA. There are some other really great, affordable ones here, here, and here if you guys are interested.
Prudence said...

Wow that dress is stunning!


Imsu said...

Hey! I've missed you! glad to see that you're back! ;)
Lovely necklace!

Cathy En said...

The detailing on this top is stunning ! xx Good to see your back :P

Dining on Style said...

Omg I went to look at your f21 links. GONE. :( selling faster then hotcakes! we missed you!! and congrats on graduating!!!

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