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{Shearling jacket - 344; Red high-waisted pants - Urban Outfitters; Black booties - Alloy}

SURPRISE! I'm still alive! So sorry to all my readers for being gone for so long. Started optometry school in September, and life has been busy (to say the least). I keep daydreaming about outfit ideas in class, but never get around to sharing it with you guys. Sad panda.

For those of you in other (warmer) parts of the world, we just got hit with a huge blizzard named Nemo (because it's so hard to find people in all this snow. Ha jk). School cancelled, roads closed, basically the end of life as we know it. The governor even instilled a travel ban, so anyone driving can be fined $500 and subject to one year in prison. Can you believe that?!

Anyways, with all this time snowed in, I decided to start up blogging again! (Instead of studying for neuroanatomy, which is what I should be doing.) Not gonna lie, it took me an hour to shovel out the 2 feet of snow in that little area to set up my camera. Heyo, A for effort, right?

By the way, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! The red pants here symbolize luck and good fortune ;)

Oh also, I've been selling my clothes lately on this awesome app called Poshmark, so if you're interested in buying the jacket I'm wearing, it's available here.
(And if you're new to the app, use invitation code "HNCGC" for a $5 credit!)

Alright, I believe that's sufficient rambling. Stay stylish, my friends.
Unknown said...

Love the outfit!! Also just started following you and love your blog!

ice pandora said...

I missed you! Medical
school? Sounds hard yet
interesting c: I wish
you a great time at
school! Nice red pants
and happy CNY!


james said...

happy lunar new year babe! good luck in med school babe! proud of you <3


Chioma said...

your pics are fab girl! Love that you cleared that snow away and you look so pretty! :)

C's Evolution of Style

The Unabashed Feminist said...

Loved the booties. Love the red pants, though not too happy about the bunching at the crotch! :-(

The Unabashed Feminist

Unknown said...

Great Outfit! I just found your blog and think you are great!

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