Crop It Like It's Hot

Behold! Probably my most skin-baring look to date. I'm actually pretty self-conscious about wearing crop tops IRL because my belly is jelly (trust me, I'm sucking it in in the photo). And yet I love crop tops because so many of them are cool and interesting, so I still get sucked in (no pun intended) to buying them. Like this cross-over crop with mesh details from Tautmun; paired with my eyelash lace Zara shorts.

I usually try to come up with ways to wear them through layering, like in this look with the long blazer from Forever21. In love with the icy blue color, which also goes so well with my flashy silver F21 stilettos. Often times, I'll wear crop tops over a long-sleeve shirt or button-down, which makes for great transitional fashion btw. I'll post a look sometime in the near future to show you guys a few examples.

Hey, if anyone has any tips for great abs without having to eat healthy and exercise, please throw them my way because I'm not about dat lyfe. Lately, I've tricked myself into exercising by (this is so embarrasing...) playing Just Dance the video game, and I swear to God it works. Does anyone else like this game, or am I really just playing against a bunch of 10 year-olds online like I feared?

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