Return of the Inconsistent Blogger

Hello, fashionistas and fashionisters! (Fashion misters?)

I'm back! And hopefully for good this time. I'm finally done with optometry school and officially a doctor now! Childhood dreams accomplished *thumbs up*

I realized that throughout different schoolings and different boyfriends, my love of fashion has always stayed constant. Figured it's time I gave it the platform it deserves and pursue my creative side a bit. (Plus, I probably need a better hobby than binge watching Netflix...)

Embarrassingly, I'm going to start by posting some looks from last summer that I never got around to uploading. I know, I'm the worst. Lazy Level 99.

I'm kind of into the monochrome minimalist look lately. I actually got this jumpsuit in China from a chain store called Didimax. The hat is Urban Outfitters and the white pumps are vintage (my favorite go-to pair of heels. Even wore them for graduation!) Everybody needs a good, solid pair of white pumps. Well, not everybody...

For a country that most clothes are made in, they sure do have a bad shopping selection. This jumpsuit was actually the only article of clothing I purchased on my last China trip, which doesn't sit right with my inner shopaholic. Most of the street vendors you come across carry poorly made (crooked seams, one pocket bigger than the other, etc...) and super overpriced clothing. My guess is that it seems like a lot of middle/lower-class people in China just invest in 2-3 outfits and wear them over and over again. The fancy, bank-breaking department stores cater mostly to the upper class and not my broke a**.

But anyways, if you ever find yourself in China, I definitely recommend finding an Etam (which I think is a French chain similar to Zara) and Didimax (which seems to be like a nicer Forever21).
Anyone been to China have similar experiences? Or if you have any shopping tips, I could really use them!

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