Striped Culottes & NEW URL

You are looking at the proud owner of a new custom domain! Finally took the plunge and bought one. Now you guys don't have to type that pesky extra "blogspot" word anymore. Welcome to :)

I'm going to post two of last summer's looks together in one post today as they both involve striped culottes.

Now normally, I would just call these regular shorts, but the A&F website called them striped culottes, which makes me wonder... What's in a culotte?... That which we call shorts by any other length would look as long. Anyone know?
I'm also wearing an H&M wrap blouse that is 4 sizes bigger than my usual size, but that's how I like it. Guys, I'm just sayin', sometimes it's okay to buy outside your size. Sometimes. Don't, however, buy outside your size if it doesn't look good, but the deal is just too good to pass up (as I am ought to do).
And of course, my favorite vintage white pumps (again... heh heh).

This one is more of a cutesy look with a play on black & white stripes. The top is actually a drop-waist dress by Alice x UO, a special collaboration line with Urban Outfitters that I love. The stripes match so well with the ones on the edge of these F21 culottes, and there's plenty of room for excess fabric in these flowy shorts.

By the way, please excuse the ghetto background. My sublet last summer was less than ideal. You couldn't even walk into the bathroom or kitchen without seeing a few cockroaches, and rent was still $800/month. Boston housing, man... Shake my little dang head.

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