The Fifth Label

One of my favorite brands is The Fifth, along with C/MEO Collective and Finders Keepers. But seeing as how I have not yet started to make doctah money, I'm mostly still just pining and computer window shopping.

I got this Fifth Label dress on sale when Piperlime was shutting it's online doors for some preemptive future wedding. Hey, you can never be too prepared for wedding season. Except almost all of my closest friends are single, and I'd have to wait for them to meet someone, date for the appropriate amount of time, and decide that they can live for the rest of their lives with this person's issues. Let's just say, it's an investment piece.

I wore the dress tied up here and with a well-loved, worn-in H&M cargo shirt for a more casual look that doesn't require two people dedicate their lives to each other. My Urban Outfitters hat, of course, and those F21 chelsea boots with the hidden gold heel plate (actually hidden in this photo).

Does anyone else buy dresses to wear for future non-existent events? Other girls are like "I don't have anything to wear to this event. I need to go shopping!" and I'm just like the complete opposite. I literally didn't go dress shopping with my friends for the Eye Ball (our cheesy optometry formal) because I was already dying to wear this gussied up Motel Rocks 'Cherribomb' velvet number that's been in my closet for 2 years.

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