Purple Puffer & Gingham Blouse

Purple puffer - H&M
Gingham wrap blouse - Stylewe
Coated black pants - Ann Taylor
Biker rain boots - Ralph Lauren

My God, I am the worst. Why did I even purchase my own URL if I plan on posting once a year? Well, here I am feeling low-key inspired but mostly driven by obligation to my one sponsor, Stylewe. Lol, thanks Stylewe for keeping the dream alive.

This year, I received this super versatile and extremely flattering gingham wrap blouse. Again, pleasantly surprised by the quality! I never expect it from them, and then I always get an item that is made of really sturdy material and feels like it will probably last me a lifetime. Definitely plan on wearing this year-round with denim of any shade.

This purple puffer from H&M is my best Black Friday find this year! I almost purchased it online for $30, but then I saw it for $15 in store. Practically peed I was so excited. Really happy to find that puffer jackets are making a return this season, as this is probably the warmest possible coat option and makes me feel like a kid again. Couldn't decide between a bold red or basic black, and this eggplant purple was the best of both worlds.

Another great token of childhood making a comeback? Locket necklaces! They look great layered with other necklaces or alone. I have pictures of my 2 cats in mine, and now I can stop crying into my butt every time I miss them 5 minutes after leaving the house.

There will be more posts coming soon! Not because I've suddenly stopped being lazy or binging TV shows, but because I have pictures from last year that I forgot to post. Heh heh... Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone!

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